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Elephants aren't generally known to roam around the wilds of Scotland. Like the beautiful beaches here, they are a well-kept secret. There aren't many, but you can see a few rare photos of them in the Photo Album.

We have a small herd of resident hardy elephants that sleep among the dunes overnight, and roam the beach during the day. They chase quad bikes to protect their territory and catch passing sea salmon with their powerful trunks as part of their varied diet.

There are also the annual migration herds who spend the summer months out on the Orkneys (they are strong swimmers you know). If you are lucky you can see them walking north across the fields in the spring making their way up to John O'Groats where they dive in for the final leg of their journey, eating salmon and seals on their way. They return in the autumn on their way down south to warmer climes.

Enjoy the rare sightings of these regal beasts.


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